Dermatology & Allergy

HairlessCat Penn Vet DermatologyThe Section of Dermatology and Allergy at Penn Vet evaluates pet animals for all types of skin, ear canal, hair and nail (claw) disorders.

Small-animal patients (dogs and cats) are seen by appointment at the Ryan Veterinary Hospital in Philadelphia.  Large-animal patients are seen by appointment at New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, PA.

At Ryan Hospital, dermatologists are available for consultation regarding exotic mammals, reptiles and birds, but these patients must come through Ryan's Special Species Service, where specialists in exotic animal medicine are the primary veterinarians providing the evaluation and treatment.

What We Offer

Diagnosis and treatment of the following skin disease types:

Skin Disease Types
  • Allergic
  • Heritable skin diseases
  • Parasitic
  • Ear canal
  • Autoimmune
  • Nail
  • Endocrine
  • Footpad
  • Infectious
  • Hair growth

Estimated Time for Completion of Service

The Dermatology/Allergy clinic is an outpatient service, but clients should plan to spend at least three hours at the clinic with their pet. Many laboratory tests require several days to two weeks for results to be reported.

Referral by the family veterinarian is preferred. Please note that diagnostic procedures and services a patient might need after the initial consultation entail additional cost, and will be discussed at the time of the examination. We can provide estimates for treatment.

Led by board-certified faculty clinicians, Penn Vet's Dermatology Service strives for the best and most compassionate care of our patients.

Daniel Morris, Penn Vet, dermatology
Daniel O. Morris, DVM, MPH, DACVD
  • Professor of Dermatology
  • Interim Chair, Clinical Studies-Philadelphia
Elizabeth Mauldin, Penn Vet, dermatology Elizabeth A. Mauldin, DVM, DACVP, DACVD 
  • Associate Professor of Dermatology and Anatomic Pathology
Penn Vet, Christine Cain, dermatology
Christine L. Cain, DVM, DACVD 
  • Section Chief, Dermatology & Allergy
  • Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Michael Goldschmidt, Penn Vet, dermatology Michael H Goldschmidt, MSc, BVMS, MRCVS, DACVP
  • Professor, Veterinary Pathology and Chief, Surgical Pathology
 Darcie Kunder, VMD, Penn Vet, dermatology Darcie Kunder, VMD
Penn Vet, Fiona Lee, dermatology  Fiona Lee, VMD
Vet Tech Staff
Joseph Rogosky, Penn Vet, dermatology Joseph Rogosky, CVT
Colleen Walters, Penn Vet, dermatology Colleen Walters, CVT

Penn Vet, dermatology, allergy testTo set up an appointment with Dermatology, please contact the Ryan Hospital Appointment Desk at 215-898-4680. Please request a dermatology appointment.

Referral by the family veterinarian are preferred. Since a doctor/client/patient relationship is required prior to making recommendations on diagnosis or treatment, consultation directly with pet owners is not provided until the pet has been examined by a dermatology staff doctor.

The faculty and residents in the Section of Dermatology & Allergy have active research programs in HairlessDog Penn Vet Dermatologyvarying fields of interest, including infectious diseases of the skin and the histomorphologic characterization of inflammatory and heritable skin diseases. Publication lists are available in individual faculty members’ profiles.