New Bolton Center Clinical Services 

New Bolton Center, Hospital Services, the patient barnFrom a diagnostic evaluation in the equine performance arena to radiology, surgery, recovery and rehabilitation, New Bolton Center provides comprehensive veterinary treatment for horses, cattle, camelids, pigs, goats, sheep and other large animals. 

The Hospital provides both inpatient and outpatient services, accommodating more than 6,000 visits annually, of which more than 80 percent are equine patients. The William Boucher Field Service, which provides on-farm clinical care, has a heavy case load with approximately 13,000 animals seen annually.  

New Bolton Center Services

  • Hospital Services

  • Field Service (Farm Calls)

Diagnostic Laboratories

  • Precise diagnosis is imperative in determining successful treatment protocols. For that reason, New Bolton Center offers a range of diagnostic services through its numerous diagnostic laboratories. These include:

    • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories
    • Clinical Microbiology Laboratories
    • Equine Pharmacology Laboratory
    • National Botulism Reference Laboratory
    • Pathology Laboratory
    • Reference Andrology Laboratory
    • Toxicology Laboratory

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