Comparative Pathology Core

ThePenn Vet Comparative Pathology, Trichrome stain Comparative Pathology Core at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine aims to provide the expertise of our board-certified veterinary pathologists to support investigators utilizing animal models to study disease.

Recognition and accurate interpretation of lesions is essential to quality research and our services are offered to all researchers in the Penn community.  

Using Our Services

For more information about our services, fees, and scheduling, please contact Dr. Amy Durham (amycd@vet.upenn.edu).

View Samples of Our Work

Visit our gallery of pathology samples to see examples of the range of stains and techniques we use in our diagnostic process.

Comparative Pathology Core samples

Accessing the Comparative Pathology Core Service

If you are a University of Pennsylvania research investigator interested in utilizing our services, you can register to use the Comparative Pathology Core Service by using your PennKey.

In order to complete the registration, you will need the name, phone number and PennKey username of your Business Administrator/Manager, and the grant number and expiration date.

For Penn Researchers

Interested in using the Comparative Pathology Core Service?