Research Areas: Neuroanatomy, visceral neuraxis, ingestive behaviors, homeostasis
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Neuroanatomy; visceral neuraxis; ingestive behaviors; homeostasis

Neuroanatomy; neurotropic viruses; hypothalamus; immunocytochemistry; visceral neuraxis; ultrastructure

Neuroanatomical tract tracing; use of viruses inneural tract tracing; histochemistry; immunocytochemistry; electron microscopy; behavioral and physiological measures.

Interest in my laboratory is in the neurobiology of visceral function and ingestive behavior. I am particularly concerned with the neuroanatomical identification and functional evaluation of neural circuits involved in mediating behavioral and physiological control of homeostatic processes. Current research is on 1) use of neurotropic viruses as transsynaptic tract tracing tools to study the visceral neuraxis of the brain, 2) cellular topography of viral transsynaptic movement, 3) electron microscopy of synaptic relations in the vagal complex of the medulla, 4) the visceral afferent and efferent projections of abdominal and thoracic viscera, 5) the circumventricular organs as sites of central receptors and their neural projections, 6)hypothalamic modulation of the autonomic nervous system and the pituitary gland, and its effect on behavior

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Yang, M., Card, J.P., Tirabassi, R.S., Miselis, R.R. and L.W. Enquist Retrograde, transneuronal spread of pseudorabies virus in defined neuronal circuitry of the rat brain is promoted by gE mutations that reduce virulence J. Virol. 73: 4350-59, 1999.

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B.S. (Biology) Tufts University, 1967

Ph.D (Biology) University of Pennsylvania, 1973

V.M.D. (Veterinary Medicine) University of Pennsylvania, 1973