Pet Memorial Cards for
Veterinary Practices

The compassion that veterinarians share through this program helps clients who are grieving over the loss of a precious member of their family.

 Penn Vet Cancer TeamOver the past two decades,  the Pet Memorial Program has grown from a handful of veterinarians to a large group of practitioners across the country making thoughtful contributions in memory of their clients’ pets.

The fund raises support for the operation of Ryan Hospital. It also provides support for our unique Veterinary Grief Counseling Program which is free and open to the public.

 If you are a veterinarian, your practice can send these cards to your clients.

Please place an order by downloading our PV Pet Memorial Order Form for Vet Practices (PDF) (PDF), filling it out, and faxing it back to the Penn Vet Development Office.

Contact: Judi Francisco

  • FAX: 215-573-3544
  • Phone: 215-898-1480

Thank you for your participation in the Pet Memorial Program.