Pet Memorial Card Program

Hand in handThe human-animal bond is one of the strongest bonds that exists. Our animals sustain us in so many ways. They provide companionship, protection, and devotion while accepting and returning our love unconditionally.

If you've ever lost an animal that you love, you know that the loss is real and the grief can be overwhelming. Commemorate a beloved animal friend, or honor the loss of someone you love. It's a great way to remember those you love.

Give a Gift and Receive Pet Memorial Cards

The Pet Memorial Card Program at Penn Vet provides an opportunity for you to show your compassion towards a grieving friend or family member during their time of loss. Honor the Memory of a Companion Animal with a card

By sending a Pet Memorial card, you tell that special someone that you understand. And through your commemorative gift, you are supporting a pioneer in animal health care at Penn Vet.

You can brighten someone's day while contributing to Penn Vet where animals are our passion and where finding cures and treatments for the illnesses that make them suffer and take their lives is our mission.

Order Your Pet Memorial Cards Now

    For Veterinary Practices

     If you are a veterinarian, your practice can send these cards to your clients. Simply download the Pet Memorial Order Form (PDF) for Veterinarians and fax it back to us at 215-573-3544.