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Stories of Gifts in Action

Barbaro and Dr. Dean Richardson

Thanks to the support of our many donors and friends, Penn Vet continues to lead in breakthrough research, state-of-the-art clinical care, and the education of tomorrow's veterinary leaders.

Please take a moment to read some of the wonderful stories of generosity that have helped our School to continue to grow and change and become a world leader in veterinary medicine.


Friends, Alumni & Donors, Thank You!

From all of us, thank you to our many 2016 donors. Gifts like yours make all the difference in our animals' lives.

Ryan Hospital Stories

  • chip3
    No Prince Here

    Julie Harris’ family has a variety of household pets – a dog named Jaxx, two cats named Army and Navy, and a two-year-old female bearded dragon named Chip.

  • marvin3
    Nursing Marvin Back to Health

    Particularly in tune with animals’ needs, veterinary technicians at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital consistently go above and beyond to provide the best in nursing care. Marvin’s case was no exception.

  • Alli and Mosenco tp
    Radioactive Cats!

    Church wasn’t acting like herself. The 13-year-old gray cat, named for her doppelgänger in the film Pet Sematary, was drinking more water than usual and was abnormally excitable. Her devoted owners, Lauren Catullo and Rianna Taylor, noticed the changes immediately. Thankfully, Church’s yearly veterinary exam was right around the corner.

  • brianna-sm2
    Nine Lives

    Since birth, Brianna has fought against the odds. Born in an abandoned car on a farm in upstate New York, the dauntless calico was discovered by neighbors who bottle-fed her after learning that her mother had been hit by a car. Years later Brianna went missing for five days, only to be discovered behind a feed bin in a barn. Part of her tail had been stripped to the bone, evidence that she had survived an attack.

  • palate8
    A Tale of Two Palates

    When Jenn Clayton met Ruby Sue, a special-needs rescue dog, she had no idea she would be starting a long-term relationship with Penn Vet that would span 18 months and almost 9,000 miles.

New Bolton Center Hospital

  • Lisa Gaudio with Kyrie
    A Legacy Continues

    Last February, Lisa Gaudio and her husband Jim Kazanjian had to say goodbye to their beloved half-Arabian, Kyrie Eleison. The dark bay mare had fought a long battle with laminitis, spending many weeks at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center under the care of a dedicated team that included Dr. James Orsini, Associate Professor of Surgery, and Patrick Reilly, Chief of Farrier Services.

  • hammer2
    The Mystery of the Barrel Racer

    The barrel-racer’s bone scan showed a hot spot right where the spine attaches to the base of the skull, indicating an injury. But the radiographs were inconclusive.

  • paint9
    Special Paint’s Eyes Saved by Laser Treatment

    In the first collaboration of its kind between Penn Vet and Penn Med, clinicians used a laser treatment for humans to treat cancerous tumors in the delicate area around both eyes of a horse.

  • Toodles the goat
    Trouble with Toodles

    In what may be the first procedure of its kind, New Bolton Center ophthalmologists have performed cataract surgery on both eyes of a goat, and implanted artificial lenses, making it possible for her to see.

  • tractor
    Medical Mystery: Big Thoroughbred Has a Big Infection

    The racetrack was not the place for this sweet Thoroughbred gelding, fighting to come in second-to-last in his best race. Flying over open hills and jumps, that’s what this athlete was clearly born to do. 

Penn Vet Research

  • Dr. Cindy Otto at Ground Zero
    Penn Vets Share Stories of Working Dogs at Ground Zero After 9/11

    The Sept. 11, 2001, attacks didn't just take the lives of nearly 3,000 people, they also irreversibly affected the lives of tens of thousands more, including survivors, victims' families, first responders, and recovery workers. Their stories are being recorded and preserved by the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York City–and now those oral histories include the perspective of veterinarians who cared for the search and rescue dogs who responded at Ground Zero.

  • india8
    The Center for Animal Health and Productivity: On a (Milk) Mission in India

    Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center is recognized as a valuable ally of the dairy and agriculture industries in Pennsylvania. And this reputation, as well as Penn Vet’s reach and impact, are continuing to spread rapidly around the world.

  • Lewis
    500 Days and Counting

    Lewis, an eight-year-old Golden Retriever, qualified for the prestigious 2013 Master National hunt test in Kansas. As part of his final preparation, Lewis ran the first series of a master hunt test before the competition as a confidence builder. He nailed it.

  • Dr. Kendra Bence
    Dr. Kendra Bence and Team Piece Together Signaling Pathway Leading to Obesity

    As scientists probe the molecular underpinnings of why some people are prone to obesity and some to leanness, they are discovering that weight maintenance is more complicated than the old “calories in, calories out” adage.

  • equine microbiome
    New Bolton Center Researchers Study Effect of Equine Microbiome on Colic

    The role of the equine microbiome in colic is the focus of new research at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center.

    Researchers are analyzing microbiome data from horses undergoing surgery, comparing horses given antimicrobials to horses that were not given antimicrobials. Preliminary data shows antimicrobials have a significant effect on the equine microbiome.

Penn Vet Student Scholarships

  • Dr. Ben Martin, New Bolton Center
    In Memoriam: Benson (Ben) Bennett Martin, Jr., VMD

    Dr. Martin was a pioneer in sports medicine and specialist in equine surgery, working his entire 34-year veterinary career at New Bolton Center, the large animal hospital of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet).

  • Meghana Pendurthi-PIADC
    The Definition of a "Real" Vet

    When I tell my friends and family members what I would like to do when I graduate from Penn Vet, oftentimes I am met with the question, “Don’t you want to be a real vet?”

  • wright-gretebeck-sm
    Penn Vet Grads on Forbes "30 Under 30" List

    Lisa Gretebeck, 26, Penn Vet Class of 2015, and Dr. Nikki Wright, 28, Penn Vet Class of 2014, have been named to Forbes’ prestigious"30 Under 30" list for 2015, in the healthcare category. Gretebeck and Wright are recognized for cofounding Pou Sante: Amar Haiti, which provides sustainable animal husbandry training and resources to impoverished families living in rural Haiti.

  • student-insp-2016
    2015 Student Inspiration Award Winners

    Launched in 2008, the award is presented annually to Penn Vet students who demonstrate the potential to significantly advance the frontiers of veterinary medicine and expand the profession’s impact on the well being of animals and society.

  • lapuck1-sm
    Ellen Lapuck -- Veterinarians Without Borders

    Ellen Lapuck, V'18, recounts her summer experience working with Veterinarians Without Borders.

Planned Giving

  • vogel2
    Peter Vogel, V'90: The Power of Planned Giving

    In addition to becoming a successful small animal veterinarian, Penn Vet alumnus Peter Vogel, V’90, has dedicated himself to strengthening the veterinary profession. He is particularly concerned about the significant loan debt facing many vet school graduates and sees a need to increase public awareness of the value that veterinarians offer to society.

  • abram-stavitsky
    Dr. Abram Stavitsky, V’46 - Creating a Permanent Legacy

    Through the use of gift annuities and IRA rollover gifts to support scholarship at Penn Vet, Dr. Abram Stavitsky, V'46, has ensured that the School can continue to provide the highest level of scientific training for future veterinarians. He is particularly passionate about providing financial support for minority students.

  • carol-rinehart
    Carol Rinehart - A Love of Animals

    Born in Texas, Carol Ann Rinehart loved animals all her life. She made sure they would be well taken care of in years to come by creating an endowed Opportunity Scholarship.

  • markart-flint
    Miranda Markart and Ethan Flint - Never Too Young

    The generosity of donors Miranda Markart and Ethan Flint has and will continue to support clinical trials through their endowment for the Veterinary Clinical Investigations Center.