Penn Vet Passings

It's the people of Penn Vet -- students, faculty, clinicians, researchers, and staff -- who make the School such a special place. We pay tribute to the recent passing of some of our most special community members.
  • king-icu
    In Memoriam: Dr. Lesley King, Pioneer in Veterinary Critical Care

    Dr. Lesley King, Professor of Critical Care, was a founder and pillar of critical care at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet) and beyond. She was instrumental in the development of the veterinary intensive care specialty, particularly in expanding and refining mechanical ventilation.

  • Dr. Midge Leitch, New Bolton Center
    In Memoriam: Midge Leitch, VMD

    Dr. Leitch was in the vanguard of women entering veterinary medicine and one of the first to do a surgical residency at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center after graduating from the School in 1973.

  • In Memoriam: Charles W. Raker, VMD

    Dr. Raker was a giant of equine veterinary medicine, renowned as a great surgeon, an adroit, gracious teacher, and a compassionate, caring clinician. His professional career spanned 43 years, and even in retirement he remained actively involved at Penn Vet.

  • Dr. Ben Martin, New Bolton Center
    In Memoriam: Benson (Ben) Bennett Martin, Jr., VMD

    Dr. Martin was a pioneer in sports medicine and specialist in equine surgery, working his entire 34-year veterinary career at New Bolton Center, the large animal hospital of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine (Penn Vet).